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Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure services are performed on regular service days.  Client will ensure Acqua Nita Services, Inc. has access to the pool/spa area on service days, including, where applicable, gate entry codes, pool keys, lock combinations, security guard notification, etc.  If technician cannot access the pool at the time of service visit, services may be skipped without credit to Client. If a holiday falls on the service day, service will be 1-2 days before or after the normal scheduled service day. Vehicle/equipment malfunction and other circumstances beyond Acqua Nita Services, Inc. control may intervene from time to time.  Under those circumstances, Acqua Nita Services, Inc. reserves the right to reschedule or modify services as necessary.  Whenever possible, Acqua Nita Services, Inc. will reschedule within the same week.   In the event of extreme rain or wind on service date the pool/spa will be cleaned to the extent that weather permits and chemicals will be added to your pool. If under these circumstances service or partial services are rendered, no refund will be given and service will not be rescheduled.  If you believe that the service was missed for any other reason please contact Acqua Nita Services, Inc. within 24 hours so that we can look into the matter and resolve it quickly.


Acqua Nita Services, Inc. will not be held responsible for any staining of pool surface. Since pool surfaces are composed of natural materials, a certain amount of shading, staining, and color variation is to be expected. Different forms of staining do occur in all pools and with proper chemistry can be held to a minimum.

Invoices are issued on the fifteenth day of the prior month and are due on the first of the following month.  Payments are considered late if not received by the first day of the following month and a late fee of $5.00 or 5% of unpaid balance, whichever is greater, will be applied to the outstanding balance every month until the balance is paid in full, otherwise, may result in suspension of services or in collections with a $25 fee.  There will be a $35 for all NSF checks and returned direct debits. In the event of an overdue account, the customer agrees to pay any and all collection expenses, as well as costs necessary for the collection of the customer's account.


Client will maintain proper water level. If water is low on service day, equipment will be turned off and the service slip will be left advising the customer to add water. Failure to maintain proper water level may result in serious damage to pool equipment. Client will rectify/repair any equipment malfunction or leak as soon as possible after being alerted of its existence.  Client may request such repairs be performed by Acqua Nita Services, Inc. or its associates.  Alternatively, Client may perform its own repairs, or hire an outside contractor of its own choosing.  However, if necessary, repairs are not made within one (1) week after notification by Acqua Nita Services, Inc., Acqua Nita Services, Inc. reserves the right to charge additional fees for its labor or chemicals required to stabilize pool conditions, and to continue to charge additional fees until the equipment malfunction or leak has been rectified/repaired. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. In the event that a job is not satisfactorily completed, it is the Clients responsibility to notify Acqua Nita Services, Inc. within seven days (preferably sooner), so that we can look in the matter and resolve it quickly. No refunds of any kind shall be issued after the commencement of services.


E-mail: info@acquanita.com