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Storm over? Your pool a mess? Need a helping hand?

"The pool took in a lot of mud and leaves with the big rains. It had to be shut down during the storm so that the pump system does not get damaged. There is a big tree that hangs over the pool. The storm hit, the leaves and large branches fell into the pool, causing part of the mess in the pool. "


In the summer you can expect a lot of storms. South Florida is often hit by different types of storms. In the winter it can be gusty winds, and in the summer and throughout the year strong powerful thunderstorms with heavy wind and hurricanes between the months of June and November.

These storms often cause not only major damage but also generate a large amount of debris that needs to be cleaned up. It is extremely important that after one of these storms the pool be cleared of leafs, limbs, branches and other foreign matter.

Heavy debris can break and clog skimmer baskets, break pump baskets, block intake lines and cause pumps and other equipment to run dry. Acqua Nita Services, Inc. is here to help by coming out and removing the debris from your pool before vacuuming the floor and walls. We will also check and empty skimmer and pump baskets, backwash the filter, check the equipment for damage and balance the chemicals for you.

Storm cleanup can be an energetic challenge and if not done correctly can cause additional problems. Scheduling for storm cleanup is on a first come, first served basis and is weather dependent. The rate charged for cleanup is on an hourly basis.

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