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Pool Inspections

"If you’re thinking about buying a house with a pool, there are some important things you need to know -- before closing the deal. "


A swimming pool is one of the most valuable assets in a home and it can be the place your family and friends share some of the best times of their lives.

Or it can be a headache that just won’t go away.

Don’t Rely on a Home Inspector. Some buyers assume the home inspection covers the pool, but it's rare when it does. Even if they offer pool inspections, many home inspectors do not have the required expertise to evaluate a pool. In fact, most home inspection reports include a disclaimer covering the pool.

Pools Have Complex Equipment. There are quite a number of moving parts to pools. Beyond the actual pool, which needs to be solid and leak-free, the pumps, heaters and filters need to be checked for proper operation. The electrical equipment needs to be inspected, as does the plumbing

Get a Pressure Test for Leaks. If the company you hire doesn’t know how to pressure test the plumbing for possible leaks, you may be setting yourself up for expensive problems down the road. Certainly, you don’t want to have to schedule the pool for repairs before ever touching a toe in the water.
So before hiring a pool inspector, ask if the company performs pressure testing of the pool plumbing. Main drain lines and some water feature lines cannot be easily pressure tested, and that should be noted in their report. Check to see if the report includes a written estimate for any needed repairs.

Check the Main Drains. Another important aspect of an inspection—perhaps the most important aspect—is to make sure the pool is equipped with federally approved anti-entrapment covers on all suction outlets (drains) in the pool. Your pool inspector also needs to know applicable state laws regarding pools.

Check the Fence. All communities require fencing or other barriers around the pool to prevent children from wandering into an open pool area. Specific requirements may vary from town to town, but all require functioning self-closing, self-latching gates. Your inspector should be very familiar with all aspects of safety pertaining to the pool and the surrounding area.

What Does Our Pool Inspection Include?
The whole pool environment is evaluated, not just the pool and equipment. The intention of a pool inspection is to evaluate the current condition of all accessible pool components. We identify items that need repair to make the pool operational, safe and reasonable to maintain. We also note the condition of the fence, gates, walkway, pool perimeter, deck, rails, coping, lighting, and other items of possible concern. Occasionally the inspection will reveal that further specialized testing is warranted.

You receive a detailed, customized report. It summarizes our professional's evaluation on the condition of your particular pool and its associated accessible equipment. Digital photos are taken to assist us in composing the inspection report. Recommendations for maintenance and repairs are listed in this report, needed to make the pool operational and reasonable to maintain. The inspection report provides the buyer with valuable information about the condition of the pool and its environment. A detailed report will be emailed, soon after the inspection is completed. Our report enables you to proceed with confidence in your purchasing decision and to look forward to becoming a pool owner.

If you are ready to request an inspection, please contact us at info@acquanita.com to schedule your appointment.