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Is your pool a SWAMP? OR CAGED? Got ugly stains? We can help!


Green pools are not only an eyesore; they can very quickly turn into a dangerous breeding ground for bacteria, disease and the potentially deadly West Nile Virus. Pool water can change from green to dark brown in an astoundingly short time, depending on water temperature. If the water is not professionally treated quickly with the addition of powerful algaecides and chemicals, brushing, backwashing and aggressive filtering, the pool will need to be drained and the entire surface acid washed and /or chlorine washed. In addition, DE

filters will need to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and cartridge filters will need to be replaced.


What does acid washing do for my pool?

The process of acid washing strips the top layer of plaster coat to reveal a fresh layer of plaster underneath. Because of this reason, it is not recommended to acid wash your pool frequently. When our technicians arrive, here are the careful steps they take to acid-wash a swimming pool.


How do we acid wash your pool?

Drain the pool.
We will drain your pool completely, removing debris along the way. Once your pool is completely empty, the acid washing will begin.

Mix acid and water.
Mix 1 gallon(3.8 liters) of acid with 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of water in a watering can. Acid must be added to the water and not the other way around.

Water the walls to be scrubbed.
The hose should not have a nozzle and water should be running from the hose at all times.

Pour the acid mixture on the wall.
We will apply the acid mixture to the wall from top to bottom in 10-foot (300 cm) sections at a time, leaving the acid on the plaster for about 30 seconds. During this time, our technicians will begin scrubbing your pool wall with a brush.

Neutralize the pool after completing the acid washing.
Acid washing leaves a foamy puddle of residue on the bottom of the pool that must be removed before it damages the plaster.


acid wash acid wash acid wash




Pool stains – yuck! Everyone wants their pool to be without stains. But sometimes those hard-to-remove spots and stains can take a bit more than just brushing. Here’s how you can treat and prevent unsightly swimming pool stains.
The first step to getting rid of those eyesore spots is to diagnose the stain type. Swimming pool stains can be caused by metals in the pool water, rust coming through the wall or by any organic material. The first clue to identifying the type of pool stain is the color of the stain.

A greenish-brown colored pool stain is generally due to something organic – such as leaves or mud sitting in the bottom of the pool over the winter. Algae, worms or other dead animals can also leave an ugly stain on your pool surfaces.

  • pool stains pool stain

Pool stains that look reddish-brown, are very dark in color, or have a rust-like appearance to them are likely caused by metals. Copper stains in a pool will normally form blue, green, or black stains, while iron may cause rusty, brown, or green-brown splotches, and manganese will cause brownish-black or purple stains.

Berries or seeds can also create a red or blue stain. These are usually no surprise when they originate from plants surrounding the pool, but can be unique if brought in by birds or squirrels.


If this doesn’t help you determine the type call Acqua Nita Serivices to come out to analyze the stain on your pool surface.




Florclosed home pool cages are removed to allow the home to sell faster.

We remove, hawl the cages and acid wash the pools to make the home looking brand new.


acid wash acid wash acid wash


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